Being 25: Week #1

Last Monday, I had a birthday.

I am now one quarter-century old. In the grand cosmic scheme of things, I’m still a baby. But in my eyes, being 25 is a pretty big and schnazzy deal. I am officially old enough to rent a car. Yay, me!

All in all, my first week as a 25-year-old has been pretty uneventful. I didn’t have a fancy birthday party. I didn’t go on a weekend trip to Vegas, or a trip anywhere. I didn’t treat myself to an expensive, indulgent purchase like a Michael Kors bag. (Maybe next year.) 

But there have been some developments…

1. I applied for unemployment. I am scared shitless of being destitute until I find full-time employment. Thus, I applied for unemployment benefits to help ease my stress. Also, the California EDD makes you register on a state-wide job search site, so it’ll really kick my job-hunting into gear.

2. I paid the registration renewal on my car. This is not interesting, I know. But in April, I bought my very first car. I paid for it in cash, like a boss. I own a vehicle. It is mine, all mine. And somedays, I still can’t believe. Getting my pink slip in the mail and renewing the registration made it so real. Yes, I will also have to maintain and take care of a machine for the foreseeable future… But man, it’s my car! I smiled through the whole process on the DMV website.

3. I let a bunch of people give me wine and buy me food. I love wine. I love food. There’s nothing better than getting both of those things for free. Over the past week, my lovely friends and family gave me four bottles of wine, made me BBQ (thanks, Dad!), and let me eat such delicacies as portobello mushroom fries and lobster. Mmm… Do you think they will do the same if I decide to celebrate my half-birthday this year?

4. I have agreed to go on a two week road trip with my homegirl. Three months ago, I was seriously considering moving back to New York City. And then I decided to buy a car and was like, “Welp! Guess I’m staying in California for a little bit longer.” But one of my dearest friends has decided to take a leap and continue her journey for artistic world domination in the “Big Apple.” She’s also decided to drive there, and asked me to come along for the ride. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. We leave in two weeks. First, we’re going to the Bay Area for the National Poetry Slam. (Poems on poems on poems!) Then we leave for the tri-state area! It’ll be good, good fun. Well, when we’re not tired and miserable from long hours of driving, swamp ass, and bubble guts from fast food.)

5. I have figured out (kinda) what I want to do with my life. I’ve been so all over the place this past year about what I want to study in grad school and what trajectory I want to be on. For a while, I was really into screenwriting. And then I realized, I have no business being in anybody’s film industry. I mean, I definitely still love TV and film. And I will probably write a screenplay or two in my life. But right now, with this semi-social personality, I don’t think it’s the best plan. But I do know that I love writing. I really, really love writing. I love reading. I love stories. I love critical conversations about what’s going on in the world. I love the Internet. And interning with For Harriet has made me realize that I enjoy doing editorial. So, I’m thinking about graduate programs in journalism and/or media and communications. Most journalism programs are only a year long, so I think that’s what I want to focus on first. I kind of fell into editorial on accident. And I’m still “honing my skills,” but I think being in a graduate program would be really beneficial. I need to re-learn how to research. And I need a better understanding on how media, journalism, and advertising feed into one another. I may pursue an MFA in Creative Writing later. But I’m really trying to be someone’s staff writer and/or features editor.

And lastly, I have managed to maintain a press-n-curl for 11 days. OK, this isn’t really news. But in the past five years, I’ve had my hair straightened four times. These edges give zero cares about how much money it took to flatten them out. I’ve been really impressed by my ability to rock straight hair, but I miss my ‘fro.

But in all seriousness, the other day I just had an overwhelming sense of excitement. I wasn’t doing anything worthy of being excited. But something told me, “You’re on the right track. This is going to be a good year.” 


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